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Fuehrer's Cheespred


Our History

Our family product, Fuehrer's Cheespred, is produced by Fuehrer's Market in Sutton, Nebraska. Fuehrer's Market was started in 1946 by our father, Eddie, after his return from service in World War II. The market began as a meat specialty store, part of a larger grocery store. Later, when the adjoining store closed, the market expanded its line to include groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables. It also produced German-style bologna, bratwurst, liver sausage, mettwurst and potato bologna for retail and wholesale to grocery stores in central Nebraska. Our mother, Laurie, soon joined the operation, making it an official "mom and pop" business.

In 1960, Eddie and Laurie introduced Fuehrer's Cheespred and began to market it both retail and wholesale. By the late 1960s, government regulations for food-manufacturing plants required many changes, including full-time federal inspectors on duty while any meat product was made. While this may have been workable for larger operations, it was not a positive situation for the market; thus, the wholesale of homemade sausage ended. However, Fuehrer's Cheespred continued to grow, requiring an increase in production time. This evolved into the market's primary focus on its cheespred.

After the deaths of our parents (Laurie in 2001 and Eddie in 2002), my brother, Jerry, and I took over the business. We currently have one full-time employee and part-time employees as needed. In 2017, we produced over 70,000 pounds of Fuehrer's Cheespred. Our busiest time of year is October through December.

The best way to promote Fuehrer's Cheespred is to offer samples to the public. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. One taste says it all; it’s delicious! During our promotion at the 2009 Nebraska State Fair, we provided the most samples in our history – close to 20,000! In addition to events such as the fair, we also provide demos in grocery stores year-round and participate in local beer and wine-tasting events.

Fuehrer's Cheespred is available in both 8-oz. and 16-oz. sizes. We currently sell it to approximately 75 grocery stores in central and eastern Nebraska and deliver it in our own refrigerated truck. We also wholesale it to Associated Wholesale Grocers.

Fuehrer's Cheespred is made with a blend of American cheese, cheddar cheese, salad dressing, pimentos, green peppers and a slight touch of garlic. You can enjoy it with crackers, chips, raw vegetables and as a topping for hamburgers and baked potatoes. These are just a few of the suggestions we have received from customers and enjoy ourselves. Fuehrer's Cheespred will taste great however you try it.

You can view serving suggestions on our website's Serving Suggestions page. We always welcome new ideas, so please contact us at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Dee Fuehrer, Owner

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